Areas of Focus
I am not a psychotherapist or trained medical professional, and my advice and work are not intended to replace necessary medical attention. That said, among the things I can help people with are the following:

  • Body shame

  • Feeling out of body or disconnecting from the body

  • Lack of connection to the natural world

  • Lack of connection to one's animal nature

  • Trouble integrating self-care

  • Loss/grief

  • Low libido

  • Trouble with/fear around intimacy

  • Shame around turn-ons or sexual cravings

  • Numbness around sexual past

  • Living as a "pleaser"

  • Feeling a lack of depth around sexual experiences

  • Sexual pain and pain during sex

  • Excessive drama in intimate relationships

  • Destructive or otherwise unproductive anger

  • Shame experiencing pleasure or difficulty experiencing pleasure outside of sex

  • Difficulty feeling empathy or rational compassion


  • Difficulty transitioning to motherhood

  • Pelvic pain postpartum*

  • Integrating the birth experience

  • Healing post c-section

  • Diastasis recti

  • Emotional recovery post-pregnancy release (miscarriage or abortion)

*defining “postpartum” as the Time after clearance by a medical professional through the rest of your life.

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